Illustration Friday – Punchline

This beetle’s family are worried that he may not make it to the emergency department in time – and let’s face it, they have valid cause for concern, even though the Ambosnail is trying his level best. But will his best be good enough? Tune in next week for another episode of Inverterbrate Casualty…

I did this for my 7 year old, because she made up the joke – not a bad punchline, huh?




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11 responses to “Illustration Friday – Punchline

  1. This is amazing, and adorable!
    There’s nothing quite like the jokes a 7-year-old makes up, are there?

  2. pseudoarmadillo

    Except the jokes a 3 year old makes! They can get very surreal… Your work is lovely,Stephanie.

  3. great joke 🙂 i love how kids think!

    nice artwork, too, of course. you guys make a great team!


  4. Hehehe. I could try all day for a silly joke and not get one this funny. You’ve got a great style, so solid that it makes an idea like this pop even more.

  5. conniemartin

    Both the illustration and the joke are outrageously good! What a team.

  6. That’s not too bad at all–to the jokester AND the artist. I love the melodramatic pose of poor beetle. Hope she makes it.

  7. Fabulous lighting, colour, composition and execution (Good punchline too!).

  8. Ha ha! Love the illustration! Good joke too!

  9. Love this piece! The snail is moving sooo fast! Great job.

  10. Love your illustration! Looks like he’ll get there in time.

  11. beautyfull illustration!

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